Monday, January 28, 2013



RATING: 6.7 OUT OF 10. 

     Here on Addicted 2 Energy, I have had the opportunity to evaluate several different energy shots. Some did well, and others, not so much. But I began to realize that I was lacking an organic energy shot review. I'm sure I've reviewed one somewhere down the road, but I can't seem to remember it. That's where Pyure Organic Energy Optimization comes in, or OEO for short. Pyure is an organic energy shot made from green tea, yerba mate, and guarana extracts. Needless to say, I was eager to try this puppy out.

     The first thing I noticed is the wonderful packaging. Instead of just re-labeling a 5 Hour Energy bottle,  Pyure Brands decided that glass bottles were the way to go, and they certainly hit the mark. Keep in mind, I do not grade packaging, but this one definitely gets high marks from me. Then it went slightly downhill from there. The label says that the flavor is mixed berry, so naturally I was expecting a nice assortment of berry flavors frolicking around on my palate. What I actually got was an indescribable, slightly bitter and sweet concoction. You have every right to call me insane, but in my humble opinion, this does not taste like mixed berries. It's not bad, apart from the slight, yet tolerable, bitterness. If you've ever tried this drink before, share your thoughts down below of what you think it tastes like. Because right now, I am at a complete loss for words.

     Unlike Scheckter's Organic Energy that I reviewed a few days ago, Pyure actually has a heftier energy blend. Each bottle provides 100 percent daily value of vitamin b3, 100 percent daily value of vitamin b6, 100 percent daily value of vitamin b12, and 100 percent daily value of pantothenic acid. It also has an energy blend measured at 1,140 milligrams. This contains organic yerba mate leaf extract, organic guarana sees extract, organic green tea leaf extract, organic hibiscus flower extract, and organic blueberry whole berry extract. The caffeine content is rated at 100 milligrams per 2 ounce bottle. With the all-organic energy blend as well as some unique ingredients like hibiscus and blueberry extract, this blend gets a thumbs up from me.

     While it does have a unique and organic energy blend, the caffeine content is slightly on the low side. However, 100 milligrams should have no problem getting you out of your morning slumber so you can move on with your productive life. As for me, I received a mild increase in my alertness levels, but nothing too spectacular.

     This organic energy shot isn't perfect by any means, but it does have some high notes. On a positive note, the energy blend is this the highlight of this beverage, with organic ingredients galore. The flavor is this drink's Achilles heel, which I believe does not resemble mixed berry in any way. Other than that, this energy shot is not too shabby.

Friday, January 25, 2013



RATING: 9.3 OUT OF 10. 

     This 99-cent drink has been lurking around in the ghetto gas stations for a while now. It seems that it is pretty rare, as there is really nothing written about it. Out of the line of 3, this original flavor is my favorite, and one of my favorite energy drinks. Not much more to be said here, so lets begin this review.
     This drink is confusing to pin a flavor to. The color of the drink itself suggests Red Bull clone; however, this is deceiving. Sometimes I do get Red Bull, sometimes cola, but the most prominent is banana. My friend has described this as a banana-cream soda type drink, and to be honest I can see that. It has a smooth, almost candy like feel to it. It is really a pleasurable taste, and on top of that there is no aftertaste. Best value drink I've ever had.
     With no amounts outside that of the taurine content, it is all about what I feel. The total blend is 3500 mgs. 1000 mgs of taurine, and then caffeine, guarana, ginseng, l-carnitine, inositol, and then some B vitamins. After consumption, I felt a kick within 15 minutes. The uplift lasted for just over 4 hours. Impressive. Of course, sometimes feeling can be deceptive. But based on this, I'm going to assume this has a pretty good and effective blend.
     If not for the lack of caffeine content on the can, this drink may have scored a bit higher. It tastes good, and had a good kick. At a price of only 99 cents, this is the best bang for your buck you'll ever find. I look forward to reviewing their other 2 varieties in the coming weeks. If you ever come across this drink, I recommend you buy it.
Reviewed By Dylan



RATING: 6.9 OUT OF 10. 

     I've had all the Crunk drinks available to me for a while now, but I've just kept passing them over. Mango Peach is my 3rd favorite of the line-up, and is nowhere near as enjoyable as the top two (Original and Grape-Acai). I chose to get it out of the way now, as I found it for a reasonable 99 cents at a out of the way, ghetto gas station. Lets see how it fairs.
     The taste is accurate enough to the given flavor, but just isn't enjoyable. It is overbearing, and even more so as it warms. This one had a bit of bitterness to it, which I don't remember from my previous experience with this variety, but as it stands is unenjoyable. If not for that, I may have enjoyed it.
     With only 91 mgs of caffeine, it isn't that impressive. What does is impress me is these not so common ingredients, like horny goat weed, ashwaganda, skull cap, and white willow. After drinking this, I did receive a lift, a good 3-hour one. A pretty common lift, but not what I expected when drinking this. I'm not complaining though, as I am happy I was given a rise out of this. It came at a time when I needed it.
     Crunk has a decent product here. All of the Crunk drinks are solid, except for citrus. I hate the citrus variety, but that is a bit off topic. These seem to be fairly common around me, and they actually seem to sell well. Most of the time I see the shelves almost emptied of them. I can't say that it is the best product to blow your money on, though.
Reviewed By Dylan



RATING: 7.8 OUT OF 10.

     When I started this site back in March 2009, I had absolutely no idea where it would end up. Now it seems like I have the answer. This review will mark the 350th product ever reviewed on Addicted 2 Energy, which I believe is an incredible accomplishment. Now that the celebration is over, let's dive into this review. Under the review microscope this time is Scheckter's Organic Energy, which is comparable to drinks like Guru and Verve. Let's hope Scheckter's can deliver in all three categories.

     Scheckter's Organic Energy is packaged in a surprisingly thin 8.4 ounce aluminum can. It also has a textured can design, reminiscent of Rockstar Recovery. When a drink is advertised as being organic, the flavor is usually not up to par. Fortunately, that wasn't even slightly accurate with Scheckter's Organic Energy. The flavor is a lightly carbonated amalgam of miscellaneous fruit flavors, with pomegranate being the most pronounced. I found the flavor to be quite refreshing and the minimal carbonation helps it go down smoothly. All in all, I would say this is a winning formula.

   Scheckter's prides itself on delivering all natural ingredients, so the energy blend is pure and simple.  Inside each can of Scheckter's Organic Energy, organic ginseng, organic guarana, green tea, and raw green coffee bean. The total caffeine content is a highly respectable 135 milligrams per 8.4 ounce can. I must admit, I was expecting an energy blend that was filled to the brim with nearly unpronounceable herbs and plant extracts. On the plus side, this drink is certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture, which is something you don't see very often in the energy drink business.

     An 8.4 ounce Red Bull contains 80 milligrams of caffeine, which is considered to be a modest amount. Scheckter's Organic Energy contains nearly 69 percent more caffeine than Red Bull in the same size container. Based on caffeine per ounce, this drink would rate up there with NOS, which has 260 milligrams of caffeine in its 16 ounce package. With that in mind, you can expect a nice little pick-me-up from this earth friendly energy drink. I personally received a nice increase in my alertness that lasted for a couple hours. All things considered, this beverage can deliver a nice effect.

     You don't see very many organic energy drinks on the market, and I start to question why. Scheckter's Organic Energy is a perfect example of an organic energy drink done right. Even the light energy blend is not seen as a major flaw, because the company intended to have a simplistic ingredient list. Overall, a fruity flavor, simple energy blend, and nice effectiveness makes this a pretty solid beverage.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013




     I have always admired XS Energy's ability to develop new and original flavors to add to their lineup. Most energy drink companies will simply ditto the flavor of Red Bull and put it on sale, but XS avoids this cliche. However, this is still one problem I have with the XS lineup. I wonder, what is their original flavor? Do they actually have a flavor that would be described as "a basic energy drink flavor"? Well, there's only one way to find out. So without further ado, let's dive into a review of XS Classic Blast.

     This particularly variety of XS comes in a 12 ounce, silver aluminum can with the classic XS logo. With a name like Classic Blast, I was expecting a Red Bull clone. More specifically, I was expecting a sugar-free Red Bull clone, due to the beverage's lack of sugar. To my surprise, my prediction was only partially accurate. XS Energy manages to incorporate a crisp, citrus undertone to the flavor that helped Red Bull become the leader in energy drinks. Despite being sugar free, I would still choose this drink over the original Red Bull, because the flavor is light and delicate on the palate. In short, it's the classic energy drink flavor with a welcomed twist.

     Not only does XS Energy always have unique and delicious flavors, they also have a unique energy blend with a multitude of herbs including eleutherococcus senticosus, panax ginseng, panax quinquefolium, schisandra, astragalus, and reishi. It also contains 150 percent daily value of vitamin b3, 150 percent daily value of vitamin b5, 450 percent daily value of vitamin b6, and 7,500 percent daily value of vitamin b12. Finally, it contains approximately 118 milligrams of caffeine per can and undisclosed amounts of taurine and inositol. For the most part, this is a basic energy blend, but the herbs give it a unique twist.

     You can expect this drink to give you an adequate increase in alertness, focus, and all the other perks that go along with drinking energy drinks. For me personally, this amount of caffeine isn't enough to really get my wheels turning, but I could notice some slight effects.

     The question I proposed at the introduction of this review was, "Do they actually have a flavor that would be described as "a basic energy drink flavor." The answer is no. The term "unoriginal" isn't in the vernacular of XS Energy, Limited Liability Company. This company strives to produce flavors that are tasty and original. And that's one thing I love about this company.

Monday, January 21, 2013



RATING: 5.6 OUT OF 10. 

     As a reviewer, I get to try some pretty cool products. West Coast Chill is one of those. It comes in a self-chilling container, one designed to drop the temperature by thirty degrees in minutes. The drink is caffeine free, much to my disappointment; though I'm sure it has some kick, right?
The most common of all energy drink flavors. Red Bull. And that is what West Coast Chill emulates. It is a pleasurable taste nonetheless, though hardly creative. It has a candy like taste to it as well, with some gumminess to it. It is a small disappointment, but I kind of expected this. No real aftertaste, so this drink is solidly average.

     No caffeine. Usually, I prefer not to touch these, but I really wanted to try this drink so I stepped out on the limb. It has a proprietary blend of 2,350 mgs. Taurine, ginseng, l-carnitine, and B vitamins highlight the group, while creatine, ginkgo, and others make up the rest. I waited for a while after consuming, and never felt a kick. How disappointing. I'm going to assume this is because of my being used to caffeine heavy drinks, and not its weak blend.

     The self-chill device is effective. I flipped it over and pressed the button, to what I expected to be a 'gentle hissing sound', though it was a bit louder than that. I had to wait a little longer than anticipated for the hissing to die out, though I'm not complaining. I cracked the lid, and of course the drink was cold. It wasn't as cold as I expected, but I guess I over exaggerated that part in my head. Overall, it was chilled nicely and was very refreshing.

     West Coast Chill has a nice thing here. It needs some work though. The flavor is generic and overused, and their kick is below average. The can design isn't that great either. That being said, I feel this company can turn things around and make a killing off of this. It is a cool product, and people will be interested in it.

Reviewed By Dylan



RATING: 6.7 OUT OF 10.

   I've always been a bit overwhelmed as to how many flavors of XS Energy there are. I have already reviewed 12 different varieties, including caffeine free, and I still have a few more reviews on the way. Being short on products to review, I had no choice but to evaluate a drink that tries to replicate one of my favorite sodas. Enter XS Summit Blast.

     If you're clever, you've already figured out which famous soda this drink is trying to replicate. If you're a bit slow, allow me to share an excerpt from the can. "Summit Blast contains mountains of B12 with a dewy blend of herbs, caffeine, and vitamins that will help you climb to new heights." If you haven't figured it out by now, XS Summit Blast is being marketed as an alternative to Mountain Dew, specifically the diet version. Being that I love Mountain Dew, I was eager to take a sip. Unfortunately, my expectations fell a bit short. I was hoping for a flavor that was nearly identical to Diet Mountain Dew, but that wasn't the case. XS Summit Blast has a light, crisp citrus flavor that is overwhelmed by acesulfame potassium and sucralose. As for as flavor is concerned, I'll stick with my Mountain Dew.

     XS Energy is known for its healthy dose of b vitamins and herbs. In this drink, it contains 150 percent daily value of vitamin b3, 150 percent daily value of vitamin b5, 450 percent daily value of vitamin b6, and 7,500 percent daily value of vitamin b12. It also contains taurine, eleutherococcus senticosus, panax ginseng, panax quinquefolium, schisandra, astragalus, and reishi. I'm not entirely sure what those unpronounceable herbs do for me, or even if they are necessary, but they are certainly unique to the XS brand.

     Each 12 ounce can of XS Summit Blast contains approximately 118 milligrams of caffeine, which puts it right on par with a 12 ounce Red Bull. This means that the effects are very similar, and both drinks should provide you with an adequate increase in energy. As for me, I noticed a mild uplift in my energy levels that lasted for a couple hours.

     XS Summit Blast is not my favorite XS flavor, but not because it doesn't taste anything like Mountain Dew. It's because it doesn't have a great flavor profile at all. It could have worked as a light citrus drink, but the artificial sweeteners ruined it. Sometimes, it's best to just add a heap of sugar.

Saturday, January 19, 2013



RATING: 6.7 OUT OF 10. 

     When a company replicates the flavor of Red Bull, it is usually because their product development team is too lazy to come up with any other flavor. This is not the case with Roaring Lion Energy Drink. As a matter of fact, Roaring Lion is supposed to taste identical to Red Bull because it is marketed as a Red Bull alternative. Even the name is relatively similar, with an adjective followed by the name of an animal. Although I must admit, I like the name Roaring Lion better.

    Roaring Lion is packaged in a blue 16 ounce aluminum can with minimal text. Roaring Lion pulls off this clean look without making the can look naked. As far as flavor goes, I knew exactly what I was getting into. The only question was, how close is it to Red Bull? Actually, it is quite close, but certainly not an exact replica. Roaring Lion has more gumminess to it, making you more susceptible to cotton mouth. If I had to pick one solely based on taste, Red Bull would win in a photo finish.

     Inside each can of Roaring Lion, you will find 180 percent daily value of vitamin b2, 200 percent daily value of vitamin b3, 90 percent daily value of vitamin b5, 400 percent daily value of vitamin b6, and 140 percent daily value of vitamin b12. You also get 152 milligrams of sweet caffeine and an undisclosed amount of taurine, glucuronolactone, and inositol. Compared with Red Bull's energy blend, this takes the top spot.

     152 milligrams of caffeine is just 8 milligrams under the industry average, so the difference is basically negligible. You can still expect to receive a moderate increase in alertness and wakefulness. I personally did not notice a hefty increase in energy, but my caffeine tolerance may have something to do with that. Bottom line, this will probably give you the same effect as the 16 ounce version of Red Bull.

     I suppose the obvious question now is, which is better? Roaring Lion or Red Bull? Well, for flavor, I prefer Red Bull's smoothness over Roaring Lion's excess gumminess. On the energy blend side of things, Roaring Lion takes the cake with more b vitamins. Both drinks have basically an identical level of effectiveness, albeit Roaring Lion has 2 milligrams of caffeine more than Red Bull's 16 ounce version. Finally, there's price. Without getting into the details, Roaring Lion is much less expensive than its identical twin. All things considered, the price is the deciding factor in this match up, and Roaring Lion pulls off the victory.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013



RATING: 6.6 OUT OF 10. 

     I suppose I wouldn't consider myself an avid player of first person shooter games like Halo or Call of Duty, but I have always been a fan of Mountain Dew Game Fuel. And why wouldn't I? It's essentially Mountain Dew with a little more caffeine, perfect for an energy drink connoisseur such as myself. If my memory is correct, their have been a total of three Mountain Dew Game Fuels. The original promoted Halo and the second drink advertised World of Warcraft. They have recently come out a new version of Game Fuel that promotes Halo 4. So without further ado, let's see if this drink "pwns" the competition.

     Not only do Mountain Dew Game Fuels have extra caffeine, they also have their own flavor profile. This particular flavor is described as citrus cherry with other natural flavors. Naturally curious, I twisted off the cap and took a generous swig. My palate detected a sweet cherry flavor mixed with the lemon-orange flavor profile of Mountain Dew. It's an interesting combination and I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed it.

     A normal 20 ounce bottle of Mountain Dew contains approximately 91 milligrams of caffeine. A bottle of Mountain Dew Game Fuel contains nearly 33 percent more caffeine per 20 ounce bottle, boosting the total to 121 milligrams. This amount of caffeine puts it right in between Red Bull and Monster. Other than caffeine, the only ingredient that may give you an increase in energy is the 15.4 teaspoons of sugar.

     While 121 milligrams of delicious caffeine may be enough to help most individuals easily pwn noobs on Halo 4, it had little effect on me. However, keep in mind that my tolerance level is very high, so I suggest you try the drink yourself. Besides, I would probably drink this based on flavor alone. Come to think of it, I would drink any Mountain Dew based on flavor alone.

     As I mentioned previously, I do not consider myself an avid fan of Halo or Call of Duty. However, I do consider myself an avid fan of Mountain Dew, and this new Game Fuel is just one of the many reasons why I enjoy the brand so much. The flavor profile of citrus mixed with cherry easily managed to satisfy my taste buds, and the extra caffeine is always a plus. In short, I suggest give this drink a try. You never know if it might boost your kill/death ratio.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013



RATING: 7.8 OUT OF 10. 

     The first of these drinks I tried was disappointing for me, and the second I never got to try due to UPS and its incompetence. The third, unlike the first, was a bit of a bright spot. With no real flavor variation, the buzz carried this drink to a better mark. 300 mgs of caffeine is impressive in comparison to similar drinks I have had in the best, and sets the bar high for the future.
     The taste, much to my expectations, was a bitterer variant of the original. With that being stated, I did find it more enjoyable, as it had more character than the original, despite being a Red Bull like beverage. For the general public, the taste would likely be a miss, unfortunately, but this is definitely the most solid overall of the two I was privileged to review.
     Why is it the most solid? Does 300 mgs of caffeine sound like a sufficient reason? I thought so. Besting my expectations by a long shot, 51 Fifty Extreme provides the caffeine addict with a pretty great blend. The caffeine, along with their specials herbs in Astagalus and MACA roots combined with the usual suspects will surely have an effect and leave you energized.
    From a general perspective, while the flavor is bitter, and the packaging bland, the buzz is great, which is the one aspect that makes this a worthy buy. I was very critical of this company, but they got some of my respect back here. 51 Fifty Extreme is a very solid beverage.

Reviewed By Dylan

Sunday, January 06, 2013


Courtesy of The Energy Drink Resource


Dylan's Review:

     After initially reading a negative review of this, I was a bit worried that my taste buds were in for punishment. Fortunately, Ubermonster exceeded expectations in flavor, though it still falls short there as well. It already met and exceeded expectations in kick and packaging respectively, so the face that I like the flavor helps its cause.

     Not to say it is a step in any direction away from the original. If any real difference is there, I don't see it. That being said, I do like the original Monster flavor very much, so from my perspective, this sits just mine with me. On a creative level, it was a bust. Fortunately for Monster, all the pre-pubescent kids who fuel their reputation wont be bothered by that fact.

     If you've had a Monster product before, you'll be familiar with their usual buzz. Ubermonster really has nothing Uber about it, other than the package. 160 mgs of caffeine, 1000 mgs of taurine, 200 mgs of ginseng, and all of the other usual suspects keep it to the point. Solid, but nothing new.

     Average is about the only word capable of describing the drink as a whole. All it manages to do is look pretty on a shelf with its cool glass bottle, but for someone who is as picky as I am, that doesn't help as much. I do like the drink, but there is no doubt this is a disappointment.


     Today I figured I'd try something I've never done previously on this site: a double review. I recently found Monster Ubermonster in a local convenience store, so I figured it would be best to express my thoughts on the beverage in order to compare and contrast it to Dylan's review. So without any further time to waste, here's my take on this brewed Monster. 

     First things first, this packaging is outstanding. Absolutely unbelievable. The only issue is that the cap is of a very large diameter, so I had difficulties opening the bottle in an expedient manner. When I did finally get it open, I took a big gulp and was surprised by how similar this tasted to regular Monster. I suppose I was expecting some sort of weird beer-ish flavor mixed with Monster, but instead it tasted like a smoother version of Monster Original. Nevertheless, it's still a smooth and tasty beverage that anybody can enjoy. 

     My colleague briefly spoke about the energy ingredients present in this beverage, but just in case you care, here's the full list. 211.25 percent daily value of vitamin b2, 211.25 percent daily value of vitamin b3, 211.25 percent daily value of vitamin b6, 211.25 percent daily value of vitamin b12, 2,112.5 milligrams of taurine, 422.5 milligrams of panax ginseng, and a 5,281.25 milligrams blend of glucose, l-carnitine, caffeine, inositol, glucuronolactone, guarana, resveratrol, quercetin, and maltodextrin. 

     The caffeine content is the same as pretty much every single other Monster variety: 160 milligrams. This will easily provide the average consumer with a great uplift in energy and alertness. I personally noticed a decent effect from this drink that lasted for a few hours. 

     While I realize that this drink isn't amazing by any means, I must disagree with my colleague that this drink is a disappointment. I enjoyed the smooth, Monster flavor and I like their idea of a brewed energy drink. The only major setback is the price. A bottle of Monster Ubermonster sells for a wallet-emptying $4.99. 

Saturday, January 05, 2013


Courtesy of Edjunkie

RATING: 7.5 OUT OF 10.

     If you follow our reviews, you may have noticed that I (Dylan) have been inactive. I am sorry for this. I have a hectic schedule. That being said, I am preparing a fairly large number of reviews out of my notes for the coming week, so be on the look out. Today's drink is Speed Unleaded, the second variety I'll be reviewing, 3rd for A2E. This drinks fills the void of a low carb drink, but will it fair well?
     This drink was a bit of a bland flavor for me. The flavor resembles pomegranate in a way, but I could be mistaken. No discernible aftertaste, and a solid flavor, but I was expecting more as a follow up to Ethanol, but this didn't hit the nail on the head. I found it to be pleasing nonetheless, but 2 friends of mine who tried it had negative remarks to make on it. Those remarks are a bit vulgar to quote completely, and I don't like censorship, so we'll carry on. Taking into consideration their opinions plus mine, I give it a 6 on a 1 to 10 basis. I feel as if I was a bit generous though.
     Solid kick. The 186 mgs of caffeine is average when compared to other drinks, and the rest of the blend, with ginseng, taurine, guarana, and b-vitamins included, makes up for the sub par performance in taste, but not by a lot.
     Speed Unleaded was a bit underwhelming to me, but to be honest, I would be it if I saw it in a store. While I wasn't big on the taste, the buzz was good enough for me to consider shelling out a few dollars for. I'll give it a positive recommendation. I'll have another review up tomorrow of Ubermonster, so be on the look out for that!

Reviewed By Dylan


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