Tuesday, August 30, 2011



RATING: 7.2 OUT OF 10.

Despite being a huge fan of ready-to-drink coffees, I have not reviewed one for a while. Thankfully, the wait is over and I have obtained one of the Seattle's Best Coffee ready-to-drink coffees. I'm sure it comes in more flavors than one, but the flavor I have is Iced Vanilla Latte. The packaging is subtle, yet sophisticated. This drink is not meant to be an energy drink, but since it has a solid amount of caffeine, it is reviewable. The size of the can is a strange 9.5 fluid ounces, so it's a little bit bigger than a Red Bull. When I took a sip, I was greeted with a creamy vanilla flavor with some coffee. The vanilla and cream take a front seat while the coffee is stuck in the back. And that's really my only complaint with this drink, I really wish the coffee was more pronounced and not so buried behind all the cream and vanilla. We don't really have a whole lot to talk about in the energy ingredients party. It has brewed coffee as its first ingredient. Now the caffeine content is unknown, but I can probably make an educated guess. This ready-to-drink coffee likely has anywhere from 60-100 milligrams of caffeine. I am not saying that is close, but that's my best guess. The effect from Seattle's Best didn't really kick me into high gear, but rather it gave me a mild boost. Hopefully the Celsius I will review tomorrow will kick me like a horse. But this is just your basic buzz. Overall then, I give it a 7.2 out of 10.

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  1. We are still the proposed winner of cold-coffee beverages, so far! Yes!


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