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RATING: 5.6 OUT OF 10.

     Lately I have been a bit desperate at trying to find drinks to review, since I am well past the stage where you walk into a gas station and realize you've tried everything they offer. Fortunately, a company called Arma was gracious enough to send me samples of their products. Arma is unlike any other energy brand that I've seen. They have caffeinated potato chips, trail mix, nuts, and other snack items. They also have an energy drink, which is what I'll be reviewing today, so let's get cracking.

     Arma comes in a black, 16 ounce can with no flavor description on it. This leads me to believe that it will probably try to imitate one of the more popular energy drinks. As it turned out, my prediction was accurate, and it did taste a lot like a variation of Monster. My only beef with the flavor is that it can be a bit harsh on the palate. But I suppose when you have freaking caffeinated potato chips, you don't really need your energy drink's flavor to be completely original. Overall, I thought the flavor was just fine.

     Powering Arma Energy is 200 percent daily value of vitamin b2, 200 percent daily value of vitamin b3, 200 percent daily value of vitamin b5, 200 percent daily value of vitamin b6, 200 percent daily value of vitamin b12, 2,000 milligrams of taurine, 160 milligrams of caffeine, 50 milligrams of inositol, 400 milligrams of guarana, 50 milligrams of panax ginseng root extract, 1,200 milligrams of glucuronolactone, 50 milligrams of l-carnitine, and 50 milligrams of l-glutamine. Nothing to fancy here, just a solid energy blend.

     As mentioned earlier, the caffeine content is 160 milligrams per 16 ounce can. That is basically the standard amount for most energy drinks, and to be honest, it did absolutely nothing to me at all. The only thing I can say is that this should have the same effectiveness as a Monster, or something similar. It really does get frustrating when I don't get an effect from an energy drink, but that's only because I have a strangely high caffeine tolerance.

     Arma Energy is really just your basic energy drink in a basic package. I can tell that this is probably not their best seller, and I can easily understand why. There's nothing bad about it, it's just....average. What isn't average is a bag of caffeinated potato chips. I can't wait to review those. Oh, did I mention they were barbecue flavored?

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