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This is most definitely the future of energy enhancing products. Energy Catalyst is an energy mixer that you can add to anything without changing the flavor. The directions say to mix it with ten or more ounces of liquid. Since I had it in the morning, I put it in 10 ounces of Orange Juice. I took a sip, hoping there would be no change to the flavor at all. Nope, not even a trace of flavor change. It did not alter my Orange Juice one bit. This is truly an awesome product so far. I absolutely adore its versatility. Let's say you wish sprite had caffeine? Just add Energy Catalyst and wham! Your Sprite has now become nearly twice as caffeinated as a can of Mountain Dew without changing the clean and crisp lemon-lime flavor. Well we have clearly noticed that it does not change the flavor of drinks. But what makes this thing tick? Well, it only has 4 ingredients: purified water, natural caffeine (water extracted), natural flavor, and natural vitamin b12 (methylcobalamin). The caffeine content is 100 milligrams and the vitamin b12 content is 1.5 micrograms. You get this with 0 calories, 0 grams of total fat, 1.5 milligrams of sodium, 0 grams of total carbohydrate, and o grams of protein. Once again, Energy Catalyst impressed me. I love how it is calorie free without using artificial sweeteners. 100 milligrams of caffeine diluted in 10 ounces of liquid will give you the same amount of caffeine per ounce as a typical Monster, Rockstar or Red Bull. So, I chugged my Orange Juice and waited for the kick. I would say I got a decent pick me up from this. It was exactly what I expected from 100 milligrams of caffeine. I really do like Energy Catalyst. It does not change the flavor of your favorite drink, it is naturally calorie free, and it delivers a decent kick. Rating? A 9 out of 10. I know this might seem like a high rating but the taste is obviously a 10 because you can just mix it in your favorite drink. I also gave bonus points for being all natural.


  1. this is a fantastic product that i tried recently. i've tried probably dozens of caffeine products out there. just about everything has either a) sugar or b) artificial sweeteners, neither of which is particularly good for you.

    this is pure, natural, and contains neither. perfect. taste is very benign and hard to notice if you put it into a drink. i even drink them straight frankly and while i wouldn't call them particularly tasty on their own, they don't taste bad either.

    i have one of these every morning now and a couple more throughout the day. great product!

  2. I love this as both a product and general idea (turning anything into a energy drink), however, I recently used a pack of this (not all at once of course) and found that it's VIRTUALLY tasteless, I could still taste that caffiene aftertaste in both strong juices and "intense" flavored milks (though it lends well to the bittersweet taste of the chocolate in the milk), despite having severe sinus and nasal/allergy issues that lessen my ability to taste. Not knocking the product of course, I still loved it, but just pointing out that it may be wise to think about that when using this.


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