Thursday, December 17, 2009



RATING: 5.8 OUT OF 10.

It has been nearly 12 days since my last review and thankfully I got samples of Avitae in the mail today. First of all, what is Avitae? Well, Avitae (ah-vee-tay) is made by a company called Vitality and their goal was to create an energy water. There are only 2 ingredients throughout the entire bottle: water and natural caffeine. That's it. Before I indulged myself in the beverage I took the time to notice the incredible packaging design. Whoever came up with the idea of a cone shaped bottle is a genius. Not to mention the design on the bottle is top-notch. So, I cracked open the bottle and got a whiff of nothing, just like regular water. When my palette first came in contact with the liquid I noticed a clear, refreshing, and flavorless taste. Again, just like normal water. But after drinking some more sips, I happened to notice an overwhelmingly minute bitter taste. Other than that, it's basically water. So, the only energy enhancing ingredient this drink has is 45 milligrams of natural caffeine straight from the coffee bean. To be honest, 45 milligrams of caffeine is about as much as a Diet Coca-Cola so it isn't that much. I drank this before I visited with my psychologist and the kick I got was similar to a diet soft drink. I hardly felt any noticeable effect. Overall, Avitae tastes like water, has great packaging (even though I don't grade packaging), sub-par energy enhancing ingredients, and a sub-par kick. I think I will give this a 5.8 out of 10. 

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