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RATING: 5.7 OUT OF 10. 

     In our last review, we took a closer look at the Liquid Lightning energy drink. Today, we're going to examine a product called Herbal Mist, which is manufactured for Liquid Lightning, Limited Liability Company. This neat looking product is actually bottled tea, and it comes in six different flavors including diet.  For this review, we're going to put their green tea flavor under the microscope. Each Herbal Mist flavor is powered by yerba mate, which is an herbal stimulant found in several energy drinks. As a fan of sweet tea, I was excited to see what was in store.

     Herbal Mist Green Tea comes in a white, 20 ounce plastic bottle reminiscent to a Vitamin Water. The packaging on Herbal Mist is astronomically better than Liquid Lightning. It actually makes me wonder if this is really their forte and energy drinks are just another product for them. In any case, I proceeded to twist off the cap and take my first sips. With an astonishing 50 grams of sugar per bottle, expect the tea to be almost exorbitantly sweet. Herbal Mist was also gracious enough to add delicious honey to their green tea, which is like sweet nectar going down my esophagus. I am an avid fan of sweet teas, and this one is definitely a winner in my book.

     As far as energy inducing ingredients are concerned, there's really only a couple ingredients that can be mentioned. The first and foremost is yerba mate, which is the fourth ingredient in this bottle. Yerba Mate is an herbal stimulant that can supposedly relieve fatigue, promote weight loss, ease depression and headaches, and help treat various other conditions. Yerba Mate does contain caffeine, although the amount of caffeine in this beverage is completely unknown. The other ingredient worth mentioning is panax ginseng. This is also an herbal stimulant that is used for improving thinking, concentration, memory and work efficiency, physical stamina, and athletic endurance. And last but certainly not least, each bottle contains a staggering 775 percent daily value of vitamin c.

     Even with these herbal stimulants, the caffeine content is probably fairly low, which is still the most effective ingredient in energy drinks. That being said, I did not feel much of an effect from this drink, and even the average consumer can expect the same result. Besides, this drink is marketed as bottled tea  and not as an energy drink.

     Herbal Mist Green Tea is just one of those products where you have to ignore the rating and focus on this conclusion right here. Why? Because that rating is an average of three categories: taste, energy blend, and effectiveness. Since Herbal Mist Green Tea didn't do so well on two of the three categories, it won't receive a high overall rating. Nevertheless, I wouldn't overlook this drink if I were you. If you can handle 50 grams of sugar and 200 calories in your tea, this is something you might want to consider.


Yerba Mate:

Friday, November 23, 2012



RATING: 6.8 OUT OF 10. 

     In the midst of triglyceride and calorie-laden dishes of turkey, stuffing, cranberry, and succulent pumpkin pie, I have come to bring you a great review while I still recover from this food coma. Unfortunately, I don't have any Thanksgiving products to share with you all, but I do have this neat little energy drink called Liquid Lightning. I first tried the sugar free version back in the prehistoric times of 2009, and was recently contacted by them. I graciously accepted the samples and was flabbergasted when I noticed the variety of products this company offers. They have teas with yerba mate, enhanced waters, and of course, energy drinks. Let's take a look at those energy drinks first.

     Liquid Lightning comes in a black, shrink-wrapped aluminum can that is exactly the same size as a Red Bull. The design on the can is extremely simplistic, perhaps even too simplistic, with a simple white lightning bolt at the top of the can. There is no flavor listed on the can, so I was eager to take my first few sips. I was expecting a Red Bull clone, and my prediction was partially accurate. Liquid Lightning is a smoother, more drinkable version of Red Bull. It's still just as sweet and it still gives you that cotton mouth you know and love. While I am ashamed that Liquid Lightning still falls into the category of Red Bull clone, they at least had the audacity to create some variation of the flavor.

     When you receive an energy drink such as this one, I am never expecting the energy blend to be off the charts. It's the same old story with this one. Inside each can of Liquid Lightning, you'll find 35 percent daily value of vitamin b2, 180 percent daily value of vitamin b3, 100 percent daily value of vitamin b5, 500 percent daily value of vitamin b6, 1,400 percent daily value of vitamin b12, and 100 milligrams of caffeine. It also contains 2,000 milligrams worth of a proprietary blend composed of taurine, glucuronolactone, ribose, inositol, panax ginseng extract, and potassium citrate. Sadly, you won't find any guarana or l-carnintine in this one, but on a positive note I do enjoy the fact that they managed to have more caffeine than a Red Bull.

     As a matter of fact, Liquid Lightning contains 20 more milligrams of caffeine than Red Bull. What difference does this make? Not much for someone such as myself. I noticed a mediocre increase in wakefulness and alertness after consuming this energy drink. For the average consumer, you should expect a slightly more potent kick than a Red Bull. Not to mention, this drink contains 200 percent of your daily value of vitamin c, so you can fight off colds this winter.

     As a whole, I admire Liquid Lightning's efforts to at least try and create some variation of the basic energy drink. They began with a generic profile, and gently tweaked each area to create something that isn't spectacular, but also isn't too generic. While I do enjoy the flavor of Liquid Lightning, I was disappointed that they couldn't come up with a flavor besides Red Bull. On the ingredients side of things, I love the fact that they have added vitamin c, and a little more caffeine than Red Bull. Other than that, it's still same old same old. If you happen to find one of these at your local convenience store, I suggest you give it at least one go. It can't be worse than that Red Bull you have next to you.

Sunday, November 18, 2012



RATING: 5.6 OUT OF 10. 

     Throughout the course of this site's history, I have reviewed a whopping eleven flavors of Amway's XS Energy Drink. However, I haven't had the opportunity to review an XS product since 2010, when I reviewed their Cranberry-Grape flavor. I am pleased to say that XS is going to be reviewed once again, and it is going to be none other than the caffeine free version of Cranberry-Grape Blast. I'm not expecting any effect from this drink, but hopefully it can shine in my other two categories.

     This 8.4 ounce can of caffeine free XS looks nearly identical to its caffeinated counterpart, apart from the fact that this has a yellow caffeine free label wrapped around the bottom. Eager to see what was in store, I cracked open the can and took a big gulp. If their is one thing XS is known for, it's flavor, and this one is no exception. The cranberry and grape flavors amalgamate flawlessly to create a pleasant taste bud experience. I found the level of viscosity to be nicely balanced between watered-down and syrupy. Looks like we have another tasty drink in the XS line-up.

     Although this drink is caffeine free, it can still provide some sort of energy from other ingredients. These ingredients include 100 percent daily value of vitamin b3, 100 percent daily value of vitamin b5, 300 percent daily value of vitamin b6, and 4,900 percent daily value of vitamin b12. Of course, you also have undisclosed amounts of taurine and l-glutamine. I would assume that the taurine level is quite high since it is the second ingredient behind carbonated water. As you can see, any energy you might receive from this drink is going to come from the b vitamins.

     Unfortunately, b vitamins just aren't going to cut it if you want a powerful effect. Keep in mind however, that this drink has not a single drop of caffeine, which is essentially the heart and soul of all energy drinks. And since this version of XS is caffeine free, it might be more accurate to refer to it as a functional beverage. It's probably healthier than an average energy drink, with only eight calories and 200 percent daily value of vitamin c. So perhaps it will prevent you from getting the common cold, but it won't help you on finals week.

     XS Energy knows how to produce tasty energy drinks, and Cranberry-Grape Blast Caffeine Free is just another example. Obviously, the flavor is this drinks highlight, with that seamless blend of tart cranberry and sweet grape. It's also a healthier alternative to, say, a Red Bull with its vitamins and low calories. My advice is to drink this as if it were a soda, not as if it were an energy drink. If you're looking to pull an all-nighter, this is not the ideal beverage.

Saturday, November 10, 2012



RATING: 8.2 OUT OF 10. 

     At Addicted 2 Energy, I have had the pleasure of reviewing some of the most unique products on the market. Caffeinated cookies? Yep, I've tried them. Snack mix? Been there, done that. Almonds? Yes indeed. Almonds covered in dark chocolate? Yes.....wait, no. That's right, this latest review is on Force One Energy Almonds. This packet of healthy nuts is infused with Adrenaline XR and they are dipped in succulent dark chocolate. I couldn't wait to give these a go.

     The packaging for this product is pretty slick, with a black lion ready to attack in the center. Being a huge fan of almonds, and dark chocolate, I was extremely eager to give these little buggers a try. I popped one in my mouth and noticed that distinctive crunch along with a slightly bland dark chocolate flavor. I have to say, I have had much better dark chocolate almonds compared to this. It's not bad by any means, but it's just that it's a little too bland for my taste. It really needs that full, rich dark chocolate flavor, which can be difficult to do when your working with the blend that this thing has.

     Typically, energy almonds use caffeine, taurine, ginseng, and maybe a few other traditional ingredients. This is certainly not the case for Force One. They use Adrenaline XR, as well as a host of other ingredients. What are those ingredients? Well, there's caffeine anhydrous, l-tyrosine, glucuronolactone, n-methyltyramine, green tea leaf extract, sulbutamine, evodiamine, gingko biloba leaf extract, hordenine, phenylethylamine, tyramine, and bioperine. This is not even close to your typical energy blend. This blend means serious business. My only trivial complaint is that the caffeine content is undisclosed.

     Then again, it doesn't really matter how much caffeine is in here when the effects are this great. As you probably know, I have quite a tolerance for energy products these days. I suppose that's what happens when you try over 300 energy products. However, after I consumed a packet of Force One Energy Almonds, I had a difficult time sitting still. This indicates that this product would be fabulous before a workout or a labor-intensive activity. And you get this wonderful effect without any jitters. It's just a smooth, potent effect that lasts for a few hours.

     Despite having a slightly bland flavor, Force One Energy Almonds are still a stellar product. Their take-no-prisoners energy blend is definitely the product's strongpoint. The effectiveness is also quite wonderful, and the fact that I didn't receive any jitters was a nice touch. And then, of course, there's the added health benefit of eating almonds and dark chocolate. If you happen to stumble across a packet of these, I recommend you try it out. Try taking it before a workout and let me know what you think.

Sunday, November 04, 2012



RATING: 7.6 OUT OF 10. 

     Although I am not biased toward any company, I have always had a special place in my heart for the Xyience company. On November 21, 2009 my review of Xyience Xenergy Cran Razz marked the 100th review on Addicted 2 Energy. Since then, I have had the pleasure of reviewing six other flavors, which are Melon Mayhem, Blu Pom, Apple Jak'd, Cherry Lime, Cherry Rush, and Orange Fuel. This time, I'm going to check out one of their latest flavors called Frostberry Blast. Even the name itself sounds refreshing, so let's head right in to this one.

     All of the Xyience energy drinks utilize the same can design, putting two colored circles against a solid background. I must admit, I am a sucker for black cans, and this is definitely one of the sleekest designs I've seen from them. After glancing over the packaging a few more times, I proceeded to crack open the aluminum can and take my first sip. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect with a name like Frostberry Blast, but I was surprised by the sour note when it first hit my tongue. I can't recall any energy drink I've tried that actually tasted sour, and I give Xyience props for uniqueness. Besides it being a little sour, there is some lemon flavor that becomes present after the sourness has subsided. On a negative note, my prediction that it would be refreshing proved to be inaccurate, but nevertheless it is still has a wonderfully unique flavor profile.

     As you may already know, Xyience Xenergy is the official energy drink of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and as always, I expected a knock-out energy blend. Inside a can of Xyience Xenergy Frostberry Blast, you will find 200 percent daily value of niacin, 320 percent daily value of vitamin b12, 500 percent daily value of vitamin b6, and 1,000 percent daily value of pantothenic acid. Along with that, you get undisclosed amounts of taurine, ginseng root extract, l-carnitine, and inositol. Not to mention, there are 208 milligrams of caffeine in here as well. All things considered, this is an adequate blend, but it doesn't deserve the heavyweight title.

     With 208 milligrams of caffeine per can, this puts it a notch higher than the industry standard of 160 milligrams. This means that the drink should have a more potent effect on most consumers. As for myself,I consumed this prior to mowing the lawn and I noticed a moderate increase in my energy levels. In a couple hours, it vanished without a crash, thanks to this being a sugar free drink.

     Frostberry Blast is not Xyience's tastiest offering, but it is certainly the most unique of the whole line-up. The sourness makes itself known without being overbearing, and you can still taste the actual flavor. The energy blend is decent, utilizing most of the standard ingredients found in most energy drinks. I found the effect to also be adequate, with a nice amount of caffeine. You should have no trouble finding this drink in your local convenience store, and when you do, don't be afraid to try it out. Just don't be surprised when the first sip makes your lips pucker up.

Friday, November 02, 2012


Courtesy of Caffeine King

RATING: 7.4 OUT OF 10. 

     I'm finding it increasingly harder to make time for these reviews. I'm rapidly filling my notebook with notes on various products, so I figured I need to knock some of these older ones out of the way. Today's review will be on Speed Ethanol, another drink out of race car driver Robby Gordon's line. I don't like the name 'Ethanol' for an energy drink very much. It's not very attractive, but I suppose it works well with the theme that this company has going. Let's see how it stacks up.

     I find it hard to some up what I taste here; maybe a citrus? I don't know; I can't put my finger on an exact flavor, but I like it none the less. It is a sugary and kind of thick beverage, but it still maintains a solid taste for me, surprisingly. My major complaint is that it does have some variation from sip to sip, and it throws me off on what to say.

     Speed seems to be on par with what I come to expect of most drinks, which gives it solid marks in the buzz department. Ethanol has 187 mgs of caffeine, as well as guarana, taurine, and the other usual blend. It stands well amongst the energy elite, but it doesn't ascend to a higher level. If you are looking for a quick buzz, I'd say Speed would be worthy of your dollar, however.

     I will say that Speed is a worthy drink, but isn't mind blowing. With a solid buzz, it meets expectations, despite its odd flavor. Ethanol is a reasonable purchase for any energy drink consumer that may come across it.

Reviewed By Dylan


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