Saturday, November 13, 2010




Being a caffeine aficionado, it is my duty to not be surprised about any caffeinated food or item. Caffeinated Soap? Yep, I've heard of it. Jerky? You bet. Popsicle? Yes, indeed. Popcorn? Yes.....wait what? BioFuel Foods has managed to shock this reviewer completely. BioFuels is essentially popcorn sweetened with sugar and light brown sugar, and sprayed with caffeine. Since popcorn is my favorite salty snack, this products takes a dive into the realm of sheer awesomeness. It comes in a medium sized clear bag with a simple logo. I was happy to receive the XL version, which contains twice the amount of caffeine as the original. The popcorn has a light brown tinge to it because of the light brown sugar. Taking a little handful, my taste buds were greeted with a delicious combination of sugar and popcorn. There is only an extremely slight caffeine bitterness, and most people won't even notice it. It is actually a very well-crafted kettle corn. It has a great combination of saltiness and sweetness that keeps you coming back for more. The only energy boosting ingredient in here is good old caffeine - and lots of it. Each bag of original BioFuel contains as much caffeine as a strong cup of coffee, or about 150 to 180 milligrams of caffeine. Since this is BioFuel XL, which contains twice the amount of caffeine as the original, this probably contains somewhere in the ballpark of 300 or possibly 400 milligrams of caffeine. I didn't go crazy on this one and eat the whole bag in 5 seconds. I actually ate about 1/3 to 1/2 of the bag over the course of 45 minutes to an hour. The caffeine perked me up nicely and the addictive sweet and salty flavor had me coming back for more. The only problem I have with this product is that I can not see it catching on very well. It is difficult for me to see why someone who isn't a caffeine junkie would like their popcorn to be caffeinated. Personally, I love it. But I'm not entirely sure what the other 310,700,049 United States citizens will think of it. Let me know what you think of it by adding a comment below. I will be happy to hear your opinion on this cool invention. 9 out of 10. And that rating is just from consuming a little less than half the bag.

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  1. what's not to love!! i love to drink coffee and i enjoy snacking, popcorn is always good. the caffiene is a sideline to lots of people and the taste will keep me coming back for more. so, i would feel safe in saying it will catch on because it is so delish and the "perk" is a big one!!


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