Friday, September 10, 2010



RATING: 8.7 OUT OF 10.

Being a junior in high school can be a lot of hard work. ACTs, SATs, MMEs, XYZs. Fortunately, after my first week of school, I can unwind by drinking an Ex Chill Drink. So what do we have here? This chill drink? Well, it uses multiple roots and extracts to get you to just relax and let go. However, it does state "The Natural Alternative" smack dab on the front of the can. This is immediately a warning signal to any energy drink/product reviewer. Natural usually means it lacks in the ever important taste category. When I did crack the can and take a sip, I noticed the flavor was quite tolerable. The flavor is said to be apple-lemon which is true. Well, sort of. I definitely tasted the apple, there was no question about that. But, I really had to think about whether I tasted the lemon or not. It's there, it's just hard to notice. I also found out that it is much better over ice. So, overall despite it's natural statements, it's still a pretty good drink. Ex took the time to list and explain every relaxing ingredient they use, so here goes. The first ingredient is chamomile which is "valued throughout the ages for its soothing qualities". Next we have valerian which is "an herb used since Roman times that is well known for its ability to maintain a feeling of calmness. In 3rd, we have lemon balm, which has been "recognized since Greek times for its soothing smell, this fragrant herb can also help maintain healthy digestion. Next we have vitamins. "B-complex vitamins can help your body with the whole range of groovy things from breaking down carbs, fats and proteins to maintaining healthy organs. And then we have the sweetener: fruit up. "A natural fruit sweetener with a balanced ratio of fructose, glucose, and sucrose. The Glycemic Index is a very low 34." Immediately after I read that quote, I researched Glycemic Index. I found out that Stevia actually has a 0 glycemic index. Anyway, it's time for you to find out if this thing did its job. I drank this as fast as I could to get the best effect. In about 15 minutes I was already feeling tired. When I sat on my couch to play Madden 09, I was more interested in a power nap then a HB Power Toss. If your getting stressed at work or school or wherever, find these drinks. I don't know where you get them, but i'm sure you can buy them online. 8.7 out of 10.

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