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It appears that Dr. Oz Garcia has teamed up with Arizona Beverage Company to create the line up of shots for Arizona. I have already reviewed the A.M. Awake and P.M. Relax, and both of them did fairly well. Now it's time for the Arizona Fast Shot. This comes in the same size and shape as all the other Arizona Shots. I recall that when I drank the A.M. Awake shot, I noticed that there was a bitterness in the flavor. Did I experience that with the Arizona Fast Shot? No, surprisingly enough it tasted quite good. Albeit it is quite on the sweet side but I don't mind that since it's a shot and the flavor is going to be a bit strong. When I slammed it, I waited for an awful bitterness to creep up on me, but that never came. It's definitely a very sweet concentrated green tea and citrus flavor. The usual from our friends at Arizona Beverage Company. On the energy enhancing ingredients side of things, this shot has a pretty nice list. It has 150 percent daily value of vitamin b3, 2,000 percent daily value of vitamin b6, 8,333 percent daily value of vitamin b12, 100 percent daily value of vitamin b5, and a 1,445 milligrams performance blend consisting of 7 ingredients: taurine, caffeine, guarana seed extract, inositol, glucuronolactone, milk thistle seed extract, and panax ginseng root extract. So that's a total of 11 energy inducing ingredients and over 1,525 milligrams. The exact amount of caffeine in this beverage is unknown, but I can tell you that on the back of the can it states that this drink has the caffeine equivalent of 2 cups of coffee. If your an energy drink junkie or if you also review energy drinks/shots/etc. then you know this is meaningless. Coffee varies a bunch depending on how you make it. For instance, two cups (16 ounces) of brewed coffee has 216 milligrams of caffeine. Two cups (16 ounces) of drip coffee contains 290 milligrams of caffeine. That's a difference of 74 milligrams. About as much as an original 8.4 ounce can of Amp Energy. So as you can see, saying this drink has two cups of coffees worth of caffeine is a load of meaningless garbage. Ok, no onto the kick. I slammed this drink right before I went to school. I was very tired and needed to be awake for Chemistry, my first class. Arizona RX Energy Fast Shot did not ignite my brain with a furious amount of energy, which is fine, instead it gave me a gentle uplift. It's similar to drinking 2 or 3 cups of green tea. The effect lasted for roughly 4 hours with no crash. Overall I would say this is a pretty good shot. Go out, buy some, and tell me what you think about it. 8 out of 10.


  1. Thanks for your review. I agree Arizona's Rx energy does not hit you with furious amounts of energy, but the energy lift is perfect for when I need a lift and still remain under control. Cheers JMS651

  2. I Love this drink! Im a mother of 6 and need the extra energy to finish out my day. Like that I dont get the gitters when I drink it. Also that I dont have the crash and burn effect as i have with others I've used. My only problem now is finding where to buy it. Was buying it at the 99cent store, not supplied there any longer.

  3. I also love the Arizona shot, it's subtle punch is just enough, without any negative surprises.... BUT like Anonymous,,, WHERE DO I GET IT, NO LONGER AT THE 99CENT STORE,,,, was told it was no longer being produced,, please tell me that's not true... REPLY REPLY REPLY


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