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Almost everyone has heard of Arizona Iced Tea, especially Arizona Arnold Palmer. This is Arizona's latest run down the energy drink isle. It's called AZ Energy, but since I hate abbreviations we'll call it Arizona Energy. Arizona Energy comes in a black and white 15 ounce can with great artwork on it. This is a very nice can design, definitely one of the best I have seen. Since this drink is made by Arizona Beverage Company, I was expecting an iced tea flavor. Upon looking at the ingredients, it seemed this was more of a fruit based drink then a tea based drink. Either way the taste was outstanding. All of the natural fruit flavors were coming through (pear, apple, mango, and peach) and it was just amazing. Normally I can only taste the apple or grape or whatever but this time I could taste every single juice. The drink does contain a measly 10  percent juice. This is without any question one of the best tasting energy drinks I have tried. This drink does also has a great energy blend. It has 25.6 grams of glucose, 2 grams of taurine, 200 milligrams of caffeine, 200 milligrams of l-carnitine, 200 milligrams of panax ginseng extract, 200 milligrams of inositol, 200 milligrams of guarana seed extract, 200 milligrams of glucuronolactone, and 70 milligrams of milk thistle. If you leave out the glucose, you are left with a 3,270 milligrams energy blend. Add the glucose and you have a crazy 28,870 milligrams of energy blend. That equates to almost 2 grams of the energy blend for every once of liquid. That's insane except for the fact that I will have to take some points off because of the glucose. Glucose is basically just a simple sugar. Before I get to the kick, let me just say that I have a very high tolerance to caffeine. Now don't come barging in with comments saying that you can drink 5 pots of coffee or something. I only weigh about 103 pounds, I'm 5 foot 7 and I am 16 years old. I'm not exactly some 250 pound heavyweight that can suck down 10 Monsters without being phased. With that out of the way, I suppose you are guessing that there wasn't much of a kick. You would be right. The only energy drinks that truly work for me are the hardcore energy drinks such as American Body Building. However, don't shy away from this drink. I would drink this anytime. Why? Because the taste is phenomenal. I wouldn't even need an energy boost from it. It tastes that good. 8 out of 10.

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  1. I am a cable installer I just tried arizona energy drink for the first time I think it beats out monster and rockstar. It tastes great and I got a nice energy boost that lasted for hours.


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