Thursday, April 23, 2009




My next drink I will be reviewing is the same drink my mom gets from the company she works for. However this is no ordinary XS, this is XS Gold with something called Essentra , which is supposed to help mental and emotional balance. The Gold had a fruity taste to it with sort of an awkward texture and aftertaste. I can not seem to find out exactly what fruit flavor I was tasting. The reason for the awkward texture and aftertaste is probably because of the unbeatable 8000% vitamin B12 and 300% of Vitamin B3 in only an 8.4 ounce can. And yes, you did read those numbers correctly. As for the kick, well this baby has 83 milligrams of caffeine which is about the same as a Red Bull but it was sub-par. All it did was speed up my heart rate and try to do me in. I swear if you were involved in a vigorous activity you would be at risk of redlining, which is when your heart goes over 180 beats per minute. The energy only lasted roughly 45 minutes to an hour which is not that good. I crashed, but it was not terrible, thankfully it was during 2nd hour and we did nothing in that class.However, there was still just a little bit of energy left. Now some of you are probably thinking how come the other XS energy drink gave you energy and not this one? The answer, my friends, is unknown. I have no idea why this drink did not give me all that much energy. All in all, this drink is between average and a tad below average. The taste was just okay and the kick was sub-par. I give this drink a 6.5 out of 10 because of the awkward texture and aftertaste and because I think that 8000% vitamin B12 is serious overkill.


  1. I came on because a friend gave me and XS Gold, and ending up reading just about all your reviews. I haven't tried all of the drinks you've mentioned, but I must say, for the most part, I agree with what you've written. Thanks for the info, and keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you so much. My first goal is to review 50 drinks before summer vacation ends (September 2)

    Is there a drink you would like me to review?

    1. This is a bit of a belated response to your request, but I'd love to see your thoughts on Spike energy drinks/shots (I'm not the same anonymous as above, btw).

    2. I have been wanted to review those drinks for quite some time. 300mg of caffeine per 8.4 ounce can. That's intense, you really need to use that carefully. I'll review it as soon as I can.


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