Tuesday, August 24, 2010




You might be wondering why I am reviewing Fuze on an energy review blog. The reason why is because I review functional beverages, and Fuze fits into that category. The flavor I will be diving into today is called blueberry raspberry. I twisted off the top and took a swig. Well, the taste is a bit overpowered by the artificial sweeteners and I cannot taste a very good infusion of both blueberry and raspberry. The taste is extremely good, however it is not what I expected it to be. Ok, this beverage contains no caffeine, no taurine, no yerba mate, no ginseng, no guarana....you get it, right? However is does have some cool ingredients. It has 41 micrograms of Chromium, a micronutrient known to help the body get energy from food. Next it has 138 milligrams of vitamin c, an antioxidant essential for healthy skin that also helps support the body's immune system. Then we've got 23 milligrams of l-carnitine, an ingredient that the body uses in metabolism. Last but not least we have 462 milligrams of Super Citrimax, an extract from the south asain fruit garcinia cambogia. So we have over 600 milligrams of functional ingredients. I suppose that isn't horrible but I have seen better. I have no idea if 462 milligrams of super citrimax is a high amount or not. l-carnitine is commonly found in most energy drinks. Since this is a functional beverage and not an energy drink, it's difficult to rate the effect. I guess will rate it based on how I feel after drinking one. The results were ok, but nothing astounding. Obviously there was no caffeine buzz, but there was some focus increase. Certainly nothing major in the functionality department. Overall, if you enjoy tasty beverages, then drink this. Just don't expect it to do anything special. 6 out of 10.

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