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RATING: 6.2 OUT OF 10.

     When you think of American Body Building, you tend to think of guys who eat anabolic-androgenic steroids for breakfast and have 36 inch biceps with veins that make it look like a map of San Francisco. But despite ABB's hardcore line of drinks, like this one and this one and this one, they do have a softer side with their anytime energy drinks. These drinks include Diet Turbo Tea, Diet Turbo Lemonade, and Diet Turbo Punch. Let's check out the Turbo Punch, shall we?

     Well they may downsize the caffeine content quite a bit, but this packaging still means business. What worries me is that the word "diet" is in the name, which means it should taste like a Sucralose-laden mess. Not this one though. The flavor is extremely sweet, almost like drinking a liquefied sucker. Sure it may sound unappetizing, but trust me on this. American Body Building nailed the flavor pretty nicely.

     Well since this is their non-hardcore energy drink, it shouldn't have all of those crazy ingredients, right? You bet. All it has is green tea extract, guarana extract, and Korean ginseng. The total caffeine content from all sources is a modest 90 milligrams. To be honest, 90 milligrams is nothing when you're talking about an 18 ounce drink. That means this drink is less concentrated than a Vault (my first review, enjoy).

     So with that lack of caffeine, the effectiveness of the drink should be pretty lackluster right? Once again, you bet. American Body Building Diet Turbo Punch is in no way a powerful drink. I don't think I noticed hardly anything after I consumed the contents of the bottle. They need to make this into an energy shot so the caffeine is more concentrated. I mean, a bottle of Speed Stack has 250 milligrams of caffeine, now that is what I am talking about. This thing though, not so much.

     Overall, this new member of the anytime energy line-up has a great flavor, albeit it is very sweet. It also stays true to its promise of being an anytime energy drink by not putting in crazy ingredients. However, due to its low caffeine content, the kick is not up to par. Personally, I'd go for one of their hardcore energy drinks. Just make sure you consume it wisely, those drinks can be pretty powerful. 6.2 out of 10.

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