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RATING: 9.2 OUT OF 10.

I am surprised that very few energy drink reviewers have touched on this beverage. This is Starbucks Ready To Drink Doubleshot Espresso and Cream. Since it says Doubleshot, I will assume that this is a double shot (2 ounces) of espresso along with reduced-fat milk, sugar, cream, nonfat milk, caramel color, and ascorbic acid. No, that is not a typo, milk is included twice. Anyway, moving on. I took some ice and put it in a glass. Then I poured the contents of the drink inside. It comes out a rich brown which is just what I expected. I took a sip and it is rich espresso with cream. It's sweet but not as sweet as some other coffee drinks such as Monster Java. I could also taste some slight coffee bitterness coming through. This was a very nice coffee drink and I would love to drink it again. Ok, so why am I reviewing this drink? Well, in this little 6.5 ounce can there are 130 milligrams of caffeine. That equates to 20 milligrams of caffeine per ounce. That is more concentrated then All City NRG, which is a 16 ounce energy drink with 300 milligrams of caffeine. So there is definitely some serious beans in this beverage. I know it's not as potent as Shock Coffee but this was not marketed to be a seriously caffeinated coffee drink. The kick was nice and lasted maybe 3 or 4 hours. However it works as fast as an energy shot, especially if you slam it like I did. It is actually a pretty good buzz that is not over the top.  This is certainly a beverage that I would recommend to all coffee drinkers. If you are looking for the rich taste of espresso and cream and can't wait to get to Starbucks, then pick up a 4 pack of these bad boys. You won't be disappointed. 9.2 out of 10. The kick just needs to be a tad more powerful to make the Elite List.


  1. do not buy this.. i agree with this review this drink is really "good" but it is addicting

    side effects seriously begin to show after a while i'm speaking from experience

    its hard to stop drinking these trust me

    i've stopped at this point but they were a legitimate addiction.. i was afraid to even stop because of the whole headache thing.. i was able to stop by praying to God though.. He is amazing because i haven't had one headache since i stopped

    1. This is the first time someone has brought up God in their comment. I suppose you'd be happy to hear that I am not an Atheist. However, these drinks should not be that addicting, and the headaches you receive aren't really that severe.

  2. Well I agree, it's quite addicting, I used to take 3-4 days a week, in the morning at work, it's delicious!! But those days I try to resist taking them, I either ended up buying them or just tried to eat some fruit and juice to satisfy myself. The guy who comment, it does feel like legitimate addiction compared to soda. The problem with this drink, it goes so well with cream filled donuts!!

  3. Came across this site after having this coffee, v cool site, more energy drinks reiewed than I knew existed.

    Just to add about this which is easily my favourite energy type drink (live strong iced coffee!) I find it addictive in a sense because it tastes great and is my favourite! Things we like will always be addictive, we just need to be careful but I do not think this is any more addictive than any other energy drinks, it just happens to be my fvourite so happens to be more addictive to me than other drinks I know.

  4. I love this drink because its the only thing that takes away my migraines, I suffer migraines like 2-3 a week and its the only thing that helps, that's why I love it and also worries me that it might do me some damage or somenthing


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