Monday, April 09, 2012


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RATING: 6.4 OUT OF 10.
     No, it's not Avery, the usual man who does these reviews. It's your old friend Dylan from NRG Drink Euphoria. I scaled back to making reviewing a part time thing, and now have joined A2E as co-reviewer. My inaugural review as a member of A2E will be Rockstar Relax, the new drink from Rockstar as they take their first steps into the anti-energy category.

     I had high hopes for this drink in the taste category, but it turned out to be quite roller coaster ride for me. At first I got the nice taste I was expecting, which was a nice smooth guava. I figured it would stay constant throughout after reading Energy Heaven's review of it, but it turned into a bitter, disappointing flavor following my first sip, and to follow that more hints of the initial taste. I like consistency in my drinks, and this let me down, and I'm sad to see that it didn't live up to the high hopes I had after reading other reviews.

     With some light dosage of chamomile, rose hips, and passion flower, I wasn't expecting to be completely drowsy upon consumption. And that is just what I got, as the 100 mgs of the three ingredients above didn't do that much for me. I was a bit calmer and more mellow, but no where near relaxation.

     Overall, Rockstar Relax was a fair attempt at a creating an anti-energy drink. The taste and buzz we're both on an average level, and the packaging was fairly nice. In the end, they have made a product slightly worth your money, but there are other drinks more suitable for your anti-energy needs.

Reviewed by Dylan

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