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Saturday, February 26, 2011



RATING: 7.5 OUT OF 10.

So here we have another product in the awesome category of additives. It's called Realife, a professionally developed product extremely similar to Energy Catalyst. The only difference is, Realife is simply water and caffeine. Where as Energy Catalyst was water, caffeine, flavor, and B12. Realife comes in a great looking box that would appeal to a much more mature crowd. Most likely, anyone over 30 is Realife's target market. Now, let's talk about what an energy additive is. Energy additives are possibly the coolest energy products on the market. You simply add the liquid to any drink and it instantly makes your drink caffeinated. Realife will add a moderate 80 milligrams to your favorite beverage. It did take some thinking to decide what I should put it in. Finally, I settled for some cranberry-pomegranate juice. I poured about 10 or so ounces of juice into a glass and squeezed in the additive. Instantly, my juice had as much caffeine as a Red Bull. Amazing, isn't it? And you wanna know something even more amazing? It didn't effect the flavor at all. I gave some to my mother and she failed to notice any difference as well. But you have to watch out though. I wouldn't recommend putting it in something bland like cheerios or milk. Of course I've never tried Realife on those things so I could just be blowing smoke. I may as well just skip the energy ingredients section because all it contains is purified water and 80 milligrams of natural caffeine, presumably from coffee beans. This will make your favorite non-caffeinated drink have as much caffeine as a Red Bull. It will also make your favorite energy drink stronger. Say you like Monster but you don't get a buzz from it. With Realife, the caffeine content goes from 160 milligrams to 240. It will make Coca-Cola have 114 milligrams of caffeine, and Mountian Dew would have 135 milligrams. And it really doesn't need to stop at drinks. Think your soup needs a little something-something? Add about 3 of these bad boys and your pot of soup instantly gets a 240 milligram jolt. That should keep the family going. Pasta sauce acts the same way. Add 2 of these to your favorite pasta sauce and it instantly has as much caffeine as two Red Bulls. So, the real question is does it work? Not really. Not unless you put it in something that is already caffeinated. And I'm not talking about some Monster or Starbucks Coffee, more like Green Tea or Coca-Cola. Come to think of it, Green Tea would be better with 105 milligrams of caffeine. In short, my alertness didn't increase by a whole lot, and the effect was difficult to notice. But I still love these products, I still love them a lot. 7.5 out of 10.


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