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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Courtesy of Double Kick Hot Sauce

RATING: 5.1 OUT OF 10. 

     For a while I thought I'd never see a caffeinated hot sauce. That was until I stumbled onto Doublekick. As one of the unique products that I love being able to try, I was able to crack a smile when they agreed to send me samples for our review. Lets see how my first caffeinated hot sauce fairs.
     This sauce is thicker than most of the hat sauce than I am accustomed to seeing. Pouring it onto a spoon to try it straight, it comes out in a goopy kind of mess. Putting it into my mouth, I must say I was impressed. It has some heat, though not overbearing, and the overall taste is good. It works well on various foods as well, such as tacos and pork chops. Very solid hot sauce.
     The disappointing part is the kick. 12 mgs per every tbsp is hardly worth my time to review on an energy blog. The only reason it gets to be reviewed is because the bottle claims it to be 'Energizing'. Caffeine being the only ingredient, you'd have to have around 7 tbsp to get more caffeine than the average low budget energy drink.
     Despite the weak kick, Doublekick is a solid hot sauce that works well with your meal. I would only buy it just for the purpose of eating it with my meal. Other than that, it is not worth your time. I do appreciate the caffeinated hot sauce idea though, but wish I could find some of the other things I'd like to see caffeinated, such as whipped cream and doughnuts. Maybe in the future.
Reviewed By Dylan


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