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Thursday, September 02, 2010



RATING: 9.4 OUT OF 10.

Well here we have the infamous Cocaine Energy Drink made by Redux Beverages. When this drink first came out, it had quite a sketchy marketing scheme. Not only did they use the name Cocaine, but they also used tag lines such as "The Legal Alternative", "Speed in a Can", and so on. The drink was banned by the Food and Drug Administration for having false statements about their product. In 2009, the drink came back with a new name: Censored. Censored then became No Name, a simple white strip where consumers can put their own name. Then finally, Redux decided to use the Cocaine name yet again, and this time it stuck. The first difference I noticed in the two products in the old Cocaine says "The Legal Alternative" at the top rim. The newer version says "High Caffeine Energy Supplement" and high caffeine is right. They also have changed their warning label. It now reads "This message is for the people who are too stupid to recognize the obvious. This product does not contain the drug cocaine (duh). This product is not intended to be an alternative to an illicit street drug, and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot." That message always gets a laugh from me. Ok, now on to the taste. I briefly examined the solid blue can, proceeded to crack open the top, and took a sip. The flavor is best described as a mixed berry flavor with some Red Bull going on in the background. For having such a high amount of caffeine (yes there was a little bitterness) this tasted awesome. I loved the mixed berry flavor mixed with that traditional energy drink flavor, definitely a twist. Alright, now that we have the taste covered it's time for the energy enhancing ingredients. It has 750 milligrams of taurine, 100 milligrams of inositol, 300 percent daily value of vitamin b6, 600 percent daily value of vitamin b12, 100 percent daily value of vitamin c, 50 milligrams of l-carntine, and 250 milligrams of d-ribose. Alright so that is.......? Did I forget something? Oh yeah! Caffeine. I almost forgot to tell you about it's insane amount of caffeine. It has 280 milligrams of the white stuff (no, not that white stuff, stop snorting that, your freaking nose is gonna fall off. Seriously, stop.) 280 milligrams of caffeine. Can't get a nice mental picture? Let me give you some comparisons. That's 8 cans of Coke (again, not that kind of Coke, they don't even sell it in cans. At least I don't think they do....hmmm.) or 5 cans of Mountain Dew. But the biggest comparison is 3 and a half Red Bulls worth of caffeine in the same sized can. That's just a lot of caffeine. And now the moment you've all been waiting for....the kick. Well, I have to say the 280 milligrams of caffeine took a little bit to kick in, but when it did, it was nice. I could no longer hold off the chore I was supposed to do, and I just randomly decided to run a mile on the treadmill. I wanted to break 8 minutes, so I set off at 7.8 miles per hour (7:30 mile, give or take a few seconds) at finished in 7 minutes and 43 seconds: My personal best. Needless to say I was dead afterwords. Overall, this drink does have a pretty good kick. If you find that your favorite drinks like Red Bull or Monster just aren't cutting it anymore, then reach for one of these babies. Oh and by the way, seriously, lay off that stuff. Seriously. The final rating is a 9.4. Extremely good, but not enough to make the top 10.


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