Thursday, July 10, 2014



RATING: 7.8 OUT OF 10.

     I cannot even begin to fathom how long it's been since the last time I reviewed multiple flavors of one energy drink company. Nevertheless, I'm here to bring you my review of Body Glove Surge Tropical Berry. Yesterday I evaluated the grape flavor and was pleased with the flavor. Let's see if Body Glove can nail it again with this one.

     The packaging is almost identical to the grape version apart from the red portion on the right side of the bottle. Eager to discover what specific flavors would hit my palate, I screwed off the top and allowed the drink's contents to flow down my esophagus. I noticed an amalgamation of berry flavors, with no specific berry stealing the spotlight. This flavor profile is common among energy shots and energy drinks who advertise their flavor as being tropical berry. Once again, Body Glove did a wonderful job in creating a smooth energy shot that can be consumed easily.

    Naturally, you'll find the same energy blend that you'll see in the grape flavor. There's still a plethora of berry extracts, including uncommon ones like chokeberry and bilberry. In each bottle, you'll find 140 milligrams of caffeine, which would put it on par with most energy shots. Other than that, there's no other energy ingredients to speak of. As I mentioned in the previous review, Body Glove has decided to go the all natural route and leave out all of the ingredients you find in most energy shots.

     With the aforementioned caffeine amount, you can expect a decent uplift depending on your tolerance level. I happened to notice a moderate increase in energy and alertness that lasted for a few hours before tapering off.

     Once again, Body Glove Surge delivers another pleasant energy shot. Much like the last review, the flavor is this drink's strong suit. Although it does have less caffeine than 5 Hour Energy, if you're looking for a great tasting energy shot with some exotic berry extracts inside, I suppose Body Glove Surge wouldn't be a bad place to start.


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